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Type C boom body 155

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Type C boom body 155

The Type C boom body 155 is an aluminum extruded boom body for the Made Type C furling booms. We choose the proces of aluminum extrusion to minimize tolerances and therefore a better fit for all components. The smooth finish of the extrusion ensures also a very pleasing anodized finish or a perfect base for paint.

The top groove of the boom is reserved for the integrated cover. The cover slides through the groove and disappears, helped by rollers, in the lowe inside part of the boom. Inside the boom the cover is protected against salt and debris. When the sail is completely stowed the cover easily slides over the furled sail protecting it against the sun and debris.

During the design phase we grabbed the chance to design the body so that you can put add-ons to the boom body. It is for example possible to add extra led-lights or a cockpit tent on the outside of the boom. On the underside of the boom multiple pad eyes can or a preventer can be added. All add-ons are available through our dealers or at our website when there is now dealer in your country. See here for the add-ons.

Combine the 155 body with our Made endless line unit and you will get an unbeatable furling boom. The Dyneema endless line will run to the cockpit so you can furl comfortably and safely from the cockpit with ease. Also check the vang page to choose the right vang configuration for your boom. So you will be able to adjust the boom to the perfect furling position.

The Type C boom body 155 is suitable for boats with a maximum E size of 5 mtr and a P size of 15 mtr. Hence the name!

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