About us

We like safe and comfortable sailing

You don’t often get the chance to combine the things you love. We love sailing and certainly love engineering. So why not make a living out of it? And that is just what we do at Made.

Made or actually Made Engineered has been founded by Johan Mulder. Originally educated as an architect Johan devoted his working life to the family business. For 15 years he was working in the oil and gas industry from equipment designer to project manager and eventually COO. However at the age of 40 Johan drastically changed his life and decided to spend his time to the things he loves; being an entrepeneur, design, engineering, and freedom.

So he founded Made Engineered with the goal to design products for other companies. However as life goes and by sheer coincidence, an old love crossed his path and this resulted in the acquisition of the activities of Romar Leisure Furl. Now the goals are redefined. For the better.

At Made we try to put our own experience as sailors into the designs we make for our furling systems. And we should be clear about it; we are not the match racing guys. We don’t unscrew our toilet to loose the last grams. Or drain our water tank to shed even more weight.

We just like to cruise and explore the world with our sailing yachts with the knowledge when the weather gets nasty we will be able to furl our sails safely. And bring our family and guests safe and in great comfort back to shore.

Our mission

It is not to say that our systems can’t be raced though. Many customers entered their yacht in competition with great succes. But it just isn’t our mission.

Our mission is to design furling systems for all sailing yachts and for all people. We fully understand that sailing a 32+ ft yacht as a couple or even single handed requires furling systems where you can rely on. Without the fuzz of slapping sails and lines. And without sails that get stuck halfway furled. No dangerous situations on the deck when the sails quickly have to be furled.

We keep sailing comfortable and safe.

See you all there out on the water.