The Made Type C furling boom is the most cost effective main sail furling system on the market. However, it doesn’t compromise on quality or functionality.

The boom body is made from high quality extruded aluminum and CNC milled parts all welded together to form a very rigid and light boom.

The sail runs on a track which is installed with slugs in the existing mast track groove. On the base of the track a small rigid ramp is installed in combination with a flexible feeder. This ensures a smooth operation when furling.

What size do I need?

The right sizing of your furling boom depends on the P size (luff lenght) and E size (sail foot lenght). Our standard sizes cover most common yachts. However, for instance a multi hull has typically a bigger E size and a relatively small P size. So if in doubt please enquire at your local dealer.

  Boat lenght, from 30ft up to 42ft (appr.)

  Type C 15-5, P max. 15mtr E max. 5mtr (appr.)

  Type C 18-6, P max. 18mtr E max. 6mtr (appr.)

  Boom mandrel drive, manual endless line

Endless line drive

All Made Type C furling booms are manually driven. However in practise this means that the retrieval line and the halyard are lead to an electric winch. The Type C differs from the Type S system because the drive unit is an endless line unit instead of an axle/drum unit. This unit is very compact and as a result we were able to situate the drive unit on the aft side of the mast instead of in front of the mast. This clears the space in front of the mast so it avoids a clash with self tacking jibs. Also there is no necessity to ‘pierce’ the mast with an axle.


Sails for any Made furling boom system should be designed and made according to the sail makers instructions that are provided by Made. This guarantees that the sail rolls around the mandrel as intended. You can order a sail at your own sail maker or at your local Made dealer. Not sure about it? Please let us help you out!


endless line drive unit aft of mast
light extruded body
integrated sail cover
pad eyes and vang bracket easy to assembly to integrated track
matching boom vang (option)
attachable shade tent (option)
led light on batteries (option)
gybe preventer (option)

Made endless line unit

Boom vang

Ideally a furling boom has a boom vang. It has several functions but the main function is to control your furling boom during heavy seas while furling. The boom vang dampens the movement of your boom and therefore keeps the boom in the correct position reletaive to the sail battens.

Another important function of the vang is setting the correct boom angle. The boom angle should be 87 degrees relatively to the mast and this is critical. Although this postion can also be achieved by adjusting the topping lift, it is far more convenient to use a vang.

While there are many boom vangs or rod kickers on the market, there are only a few that can cope with the higher loads of a furling boom. Because, let’s face it, furling booms are slightly heavier than normal booms. So, where most vangs have a maximum spring load of 500kg our vang spring load starts at 650kg.

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Made boom vang