Total cost of buying and shipping Made engineered bv products

You will have complete information on the cost of cross-border shopping and shipping before you make your purchase, this will be calculated in the checkout. Where applicable the total cost includes:

The product purchase price (including all applicable local taxes and handling fees);

Customs duty, import tax and any local clearance fees applicable for your country;

International shipping charges to your designated delivery address;

Carrier surcharges, duty and tax

After making a product configuration you will receive a personal quote, off course this is without any obligations. This personal quote will be sended to the selected dealer and this dealer will contact you about the offered product(s) and about the possible additonal costs like applicable local taxes, customs duty and import taxes. This will give you a guaranteed total cost: it is all pre-calculated so you won’t receive any bills from the shipping company or a customs invoice.
If you agree with this offer, your selecte dealer will send an invoice for pre-payment of the order.

Product limitations

Most Made Engineered BV products can be shipped internationally. However, a few of the items on the website are not available to international customers because they cannot be safely shipped by air due to the fact that they are toxic or may catch fire or explode during shipment. This category includes products such as aerosols, and cleaning and waterproofing substances.

Shipping charges

Your shipping options will be clearly shown to you at checkout along with the costs applicable for each service available which will vary from country to country.

Delivery times

Delivery times will vary depending on the destination country and service chosen. Delivery times will be clearly shown to you during the checkout phase of your order. This delivery time is an estimate and not a guarantee.

Product returns

If you need to return a product to Made Engineered BV for any reason relating to the product (e.g. product has a defect, wrong size, different colour, not the product you ordered), you need to contact Made Engineered BV Customer Services. See the Made Engineered BV Returns Policy on the site and the paperwork included with your order.

Note that, in the case of a product return shipment, it is not possible to obtain a refund of any applicable tax and duty paid to your country’s customs authorities.

Loss or damage during shipment

Occasionally a package may be lost or damaged during international shipment no matter how carefully it is handled. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen very often. If you believe that your order is lost or damaged, please contact our customer service team and they will support you with your enquiry.

Questions about cross-border shipping?

Please contact Made Engineered BV Customer Services if you have any questions about cross-border shipping in general, or specifically about the shipping of your purchases.