Made Boom vangs

Ideally a furling boom has a boom vang. It has several functions but the main function is to control your furling boom during heavy seas while furling. The boom vang dampens the movement of your boom and therefore keeps the boom in the correct position reletaive to the sail battens.

Another important function of the vang is setting the correct boom angle. The boom angle should be 87 degrees relatively to the mast and this is critical. Although this postion can also be achieved by adjusting the topping lift, it is far more convenient to use a vang.

While there are many boom vangs or rod kickers on the market, there are only a few that can cope with the higher loads of a furling boom. Because, let’s face it, furling booms are slightly heavier than normal booms. So, where most vangs have a maximum spring load of 500kg our vang spring load starts at 650kg.

Made boom vang

The Made Boom Vang utilizes a 1100 mm long stainless steel spring. As result the spring is unfailable, whereas gasspring will leak in time and get disfunctional. Also, our boom vang is designed to fit seamlessly on our furling boom. It fits directly to the boom with strong 16 mm pins.

A new feature on our vang is the adjustable lenght vang head. By turning the head you can adjust the lenght by 85 mm. This means a much easier installation and a covenient boom angle adjustment.

An aluminum sheeve guides the Dyneema line (included) where an 1:2 tackle can be installed (not included).

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Made boom vang
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