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Mandrel alu C assembly

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Mandrel alu C assembly

Mandrel alu C assembly is a complete set for the Made Leisure furl Type C. The mandrel turns in a Ertalyte bearing installed at the aft side of the boom. Set is delivered with a loose sail track. Sail track should be installed using Monel rivets and according manufacturer drawings.

Complete set contains:

Mandrel tube C alu anodized drilled 72-79 MAB-72-79-AB
Mandrel retainer C 72 anodized silver LFC-MANDA-01
Pad eye MLFP-PE-01
Mandrel padeye C inside spacer POM LFC-MANDA-02
Mandrel padeye C outside spacer POM LFC-MANDA-03
Foot track alu MFOOTT-6
Foot track alu drilling MFOOTT-DR
U-joint C alu anodized black 20-1419-14
Pin dia. 10 x 57mm LFC-MANDA-04
Pin dia. 10 x 24,5mm LFC-MANDA-05
U-joint C cross shaft alu anodized 20-1419-17
Bolt M5 x 20 A4 ISO 7380-1
Washer DIN 125-1A A4 140 HV M5 55.420.050.001
Washer Nylon M5 56.300.060.001
Self locking nut DIN 985 A4 M6 55.730.060.001
Washer DIN 125-1A A4 140 HV M6 55.420.060.001
Bolt M6 x 30 A4 ISO 7380-1

Set is suitable for Made Leisure furl furling booms Type C size 15-5 and 18-6