Boom for Oceanis 46

Made Type S for Oceanis 46 with electric drive

We built this Made Type S furling boom for an Beneteau Oceanis 46 with an extended 18 mtr P size. The customer wants to sail single handed so decided to go for a electric drive.

Beautiful Awl Grip finish

The bases for the Made Type S furling boom is a body that is a custom bended aluminum 5083 sheet. The sheet is bended tapered towards the aft side of the boom. This ensures a very elegant and sleek look. There are no welds or connections between sheet because the body is a single sheet. The bottom tray and inner stiffner top angles are bonded with a high performance epoxy glue. After the bonding the complete boom is tempered in an oven to ensure a proper curing. This proces and the CNC milled parts provide an excellent base to apply an Awl Grip paint system.

Custom cover color

The integrated cover has a custom color, which is an option. But is suits the boom very well. The cover slides into the hollow space in the bottom of the boom so it is neatly stowed away. It is operated by pulling the white lines either at the top (for covering the sail) or at the bottom (for opening the cover).

Electric drive

We advised the customer to use our electric drive system which we developed together with Bamar Italy. The electric drive is intergrated into a carbon fibre mandrel so it does not take any additional space and looks very clean. A big advantage is that the weight of the drive is very near to the mast instead of at the aft side of the boom. The electric drive comes with a dedicated PLC unit.

Custom mast brackets

So many yachts, so many masts. With an enormous variety of masts out on the water, it is impossible to standarize all components. Therefore we need customize and CNC mill each mast fitting to ensure a perfect fit. It makes installation of the parts much easier and looks very neat. For this project we milled a gooseneck and two bearing brackets to hold the bearings for the mast axle.

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