Lagoon 450F boom

Made Type S furling boom electric drive

Type C or Type S?

Originally our customer choose our new body style of the Type C in combination with an electric drive.

Unfortunately due to world wide shortages on the raw materials market and transport during Covid, we had to be creative. Therefore we offered our customer our Type S furling boom without any premium. Of course he happily agreed.

Bamar electric drive

The electric drive we use is the Bamar BFBM. This electric drive is installed in the mandrel so does not take any extra space. This electric drive can be used, in different sizes, up to booms of 25 mtr.

We use an carbon fibre mandrel to minimize bending when under full load. The electric motor sits just aft of the mast and a as result of there is very little weight aft of the boom compared to some furling booms of competitors.

The Bamar electric drive runs anti clockwise when the sail is furled. When the sail is hoisted the electric motor runs but disengages from the rotating mandrel to avoid damage. When the motor stops the brake engages.

The Bamar BFBM is tailored to our Type S system. This system has an axle through the mast thus providing additional strenght and a location for to put an emergency in case of any trouble with the drive.

CNC milled parts

All mast attachments are CNC milled to match the exact shape of the mast. After test fitting them they went to the anodizing firm to get them sea worthy anodized. Pins and washers are polished to give them a top notch finish.

Dimensions for the mast profile can be taken from a DWG or PDF drawing. We then convert them to a 3d model to form a bases for the milled parts.

Awl Grip finish

All was finished off with a very nice Awl Grip paint in silver, matching the anodized mast. It really looks neat on the boat, especially compared to a lazy jack sail bag.

A boom vang is added to guarantee an effortless furling. The boom vang makes it easy to maintain the right position of the boom while furling.

Boom vang can bde delivered in the form of a spring tensioned mechananical boom or a hydraulic operated boom. The latter require a hydraulic infrastructure. If there are hydraulics alrady on board it makes sense to choose for the hydraulic operated vang.