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Made mechanical boom vang Type 40

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Made mechanical boom vang Type 40

The Made boom vangs are developed to cope with the higher loads that comes with a furling boom. Conventional boom vangs have a maximum load of 500kg. Although this seems a lot it is important to realize that the vang is installed at a small angle. As a result the vang is much less effective.

To avoid ‘dancing’ of the boom while furling a strong boom vang is required. Therefore Made designed their own vangs.

The vang body houses a 1,1mtr stainless stell spring so enough force is available. The body itself is hnodized to ensure a lifelong protection against corrossion.

To adjust the vang and thus the angle of the boom a line runs along the vang through a tackle system. Also, you can adjust the boom angle by turning the upper head.

The Type 40 is suitable for boats up to 40 ft or for the Type C 15-5 and 18-6. Vang heads are sized to match the Made Type C or S furling booms.

Alternatively to the mechanical vangs there are hydraulic vangs available.

During rough conditions on sea Made recommends to use a topping lift in all cases to avoid failure of the gooseneck or other equipment.