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Made hydraulic boom vang Type 50

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Made hydraulic boom vang Type 50

The Made boom vangs are developed to cope with the higher loads that comes with a furling boom. Conventional boom vangs have a maximum load of 500kg. Although this seems a lot it is important to realize that the vang is installed at a small angle. As a result the vang is much less effective.

To avoid ‘dancing’ of the boom while furling a strong boom vang is required. Therefore Made uses the well known Bamar hydraulic boom vangs.

Vang cylinders are equipped with a pressure rod release. Inert gas pressure is charged through a “pneumatic” valve located on the cylinder body, near to the boom-side vang terminal.

Gas pressure is to be adjusted depending both on the release speed you wish, and on the thrust needed to contrast the weight of the boom. Pressure has to be charged indicatively at 500 psi (35 bar).

The system is equipped with a mechanical valve to exclude the gas-loading pin and grant pressure holds in time. All VANG cylinders may also be customized with double acting function (push&pull) and position sensor.

The hydraulic vang can be connected to an existing hydraulic system or a hydraulic panel with manual pump.

The Type 50 is suitable for boats up to 50ft or for the Type S 21-7. Vang heads are sized to match the Made Type C or S furling booms.

During rough conditions on sea Made recommends to use a topping lift in all cases to avoid failure of the gooseneck or other equipment.