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No development, no future. That is a simple fact. This is the reason that we are continuously working to improve our products and expand our range. Our goal is to develop a range of products which offer the best and integral furling experience on your yacht. We think it is important to involve our customers in this process so therefore we keep you posted about our develoments on this page. If you want to contribute to our brand please contact us. Every suggestion is welcome!

2020/2021 NEW Type C furling boom

With the acquisition of the activities of Romar Marine BV a well developed furling boom system was acquired. However, through the past years this system went upmarket and that caused a significant price increase. That proved to be a bottle neck for many customers, especially for those who owned a yacht within the 37′-45’ft range.

Also the system (now called the Type S furling boom) was fairly difficult to built in a short period. Another handicap was formed by the extensive customization. This took a big heap out of the available engineering time. This is fine for an upmarket system but not so for affordable furling system.


With the development of the Type C system all of these engineering and production challenges of the Type S boom have been eliminated. The Type C furling boom is extensively standardized. Made heavily invested in extrusion dies to create furling boom bodies with minimal tolerances which increased the efficiency of the CNC milled build parts. So basically no more adjustments to get the parts to fit.

New mandrel drive unit

Another big change is the switch from a mandrel drive unit in front of the mast (effectively a drum in which a line was wound on and off) to an endless drive unit aft mast. As a result of this a self tacking jib now has all the required space to move in front of the mast without hitting the drive. Another advantage is that no axle will run through the mast. This ensures a cheaper and easier installation on the mast.

2021 NEW range of mechanical boom vangs

Another development and a very important one is the creation of a range of mechanical boom vangs. Up to now we were not able to deliver a proper solution for the support of our booms other than buying these at other companies. Unneccesary we thought so we started to develop our own boom vangs. This resulted in a range with higher spring loads than most of the other products in the market. Higher spring loads are required to cope with the higher weight of a furling boom compared to a conventional boom.